Welcome to Arizona #2 - Active since 1898!


The Order of the Eastern Star is the largest fraternal organization in the world to which both men and women may belong.

Eastern Star is a social Order comprised of persons with religious convictions and spiritual values, but is not a religion. Its appeal rests in the true beauty of the refreshing and character building lessons that are so sincerely portrayed in its ritualistic work. It is the wholesome relationship of brotherly and sisterly love brought about through high principles exemplified in our daily lives which makes us near and dear to each other.

 We meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m at Tucson #4 Masonic Lodge, 3590 N. Country Club, Tucson, Arizona. See the map to the lodge.

AZ #2 Officers with the WGM Linda Heberling and the WGP Joe Leininger at the March 5, 2013 Official Visit.

Our Program for 2012-2013

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Read the newsletter with new addresses and roster changes!.

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 Mail us:

Arizona Chapter #2  Box 3                                                            3590 N Country Club Road                                                      Tucson AZ 85716

Email us: brucerick@qwest.net 

Special Events                                                                          

March 19 Stated Meeting - 7:30 pm at Tucson #4 

March 26 Stars Night Out 6:00 pm at the Kettle Restaurant 748 W. Starr Pass Blvd.

April 2 Stated Meeting - 7:30 pm at Tucson #4 Come for the Egg Hunt

April 16 Stated Meeting - 7:30 pm at Tucson #4

May 7 Stated Meeting - 7:30 pm at Tucson #4 Elections

May 21 Stated Meeting - 7:30 pm at Tucson #4 Installation of Officers


Worthy Matron Doris Derderian                                  Worthy Patron Bruce A. Rick                                     Associate Matron Lillian Green,PM                             Associate Patron Richard Dusthimer                  Secretary Laureen Stadle                                           Treasurer Arlene “Coke” Smith,PM       Conductress  Cleone Lavitschke,PGM                 Associate Conductress  Evelyn Rick       Chaplain  Mildred Bernard                             Marshal  Ashli Streiff                         Organist  Sherry Ratledge,PM                     ADAH  Holly Tripp,PM                          RUTH  Chrystle Aurand,PM                    ESTHER  Grace Judson                              MARTHA  Pat Wilkins                             ELECTA  Tammy Moore                                            Warder  Richardkins,PM                         Sentinel  Enice Williamson



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